Resources massive resource Digital Preservation Coalition’s what’s new site, every quarter : International Journal of Digital Curation UK National Archives Cornell University Library online digi pres tutorial DPE picks up from ERPANET

Articles Rothenberg’s original Scientific American article from 1995 revised 1999 radical article saying that things aren’t as bad as they seem archived newsletters of the now defunct RLG digi news, some of the articles look interesting a PDF paper re storage growth a general article

File formats spreadsheets
more spreadsheets formats,10801,107607,00.html burnable CDs file format durability Library of Congress notes on file formats

Emulations retro British OS emulations, I think

Metadata final (2002) version of TNA’s RM metadata UK e-GMS Metadata standard

Projects Paradigm project – totally excellent Nat Library of Australia, says RTF and Microsoft. main bit from Aus Nat Lib (XML project) (Testbed on text docs and PDF vs XML)