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From the listserve, 2007

Although this is a fine piece of equipment I’m not sure it would present
good value for what you want to do. If conservation is the main aim then
you should be thinking about these main stages;
Convert the analogue cassette into a digital Wav file i.e. play the
cassette and record it on your PC in Wav – We use a thing called Plus
Deck 2 which is simply a cassette deck that fits into a PC. In fact
connecting any good quality cassette player to a PC with a sound card
should suffice.
So now you have the wav files which, once checked for quality / content,
become your preservation master and should be kept on a server or hard
drive etc in a number of locations.
If any of the files need filtering etc to improve sound problems this
should not be done to the preservation master but to a newly created wav
Then you can down convert them to the smaller compressed MP3 format and
use these for dissemination.
All documentation and metadata on the original tapes / boxes etc should
be recorded and new metadata about the digitization process created and
CD-R or DVD-R discs are a convenient way of handling these sort of files
but they for have potential for failure over time becoming completely
unreadable. These should not be used as long term preservation media.
Hope this is helpful,
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From: Archivists, conservators and records managers.

Subject: Oral history conservation project
We are currently working on an oral history conservation project. We are investigating the best way to convert our
collection of cassette tapes into .WAV files on to CD-Rs for long-term
We are considering converting our collection ourselves in-house, and are
therefore currently looking into equipment that we could use. In the
British Library Sound Archives’, ‘Digital Equipment Guidelines’, they
mention the Tascam CC-222 MKII cassette to CD transfer deck as a way of
digitising material. I wonder if anyone has had any experience of this
piece of equipment and could give me any opinions on it? Also, has
used any other equipment that they could recommend or give us their
Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

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