This is the Paradigm (Personal Archives Accessible in DIGital Media) project workbook, published by the Bodleian Library in 2007. It’s available on the web, free, from the Paradigm project website, but you can now get a printed version too, which is much easier to read over a nice cup of coffee, especially as it is nearly 300 pages long.

Paradigm was a project exploring the issues involved in the long term preservation of personal digital archives, by examining in particular the archives of contemporary UK politicians. Politicians and their offices produce a chaotic welter of digital media in various formats and in a variety of states of semi-organisation, so the Paradigm project is extraordinarily useful to repositories having to deal with electronic media which they accession from outside bodies (like where I work). The workbook is enriched by a section on legal issues surrounding digital preservation, and the appendices contain paperwork templates for digital repositories, such as a model gift agreement. Top stuff.