An e-government based interoperability network. One of its guiding principles is that UK public sector institutions should not become dependent on non-interoperable software products, because that could lead to monopoly or market failure.

In practice e-GIF explicity states that (a) UK bodies should adopt XML as the primary standard for data integration and presentation, and (b) they should adopt the eGovernment Metadata Standard (eGMS) for metadata. Adherence to eGIF is mandatory for UK public institutions. The eGIF Accreditation Authority checks compliance.

Key eGIF documents are available here.

Approved file formats

The useful info for digital preservation is contained with Section 7 of the Technical Standards Catalogue, version 6.2 (September 2005), available here. This section contains a list of approved file formats for various purposes. The approved e-GIF formats are:

  • text and word ptocessing: rtf, txt, htm, doc, pdf, nsf, mht
  • spreadsheets: csv, xls
  • presentation: ppt, pps
  • images: jpg, gif, png, tif, ecw
  • vector: svg, vml
  • moving: mpg
  • audio: mp3, wav, avi, mov, qt, asf, wma, wmv, swf, ra, ram, rmm, Ogg Vorbis and a few others
  • compression: zip, gz, tgz, tar
  • character sets: UNICODE and ISO 10646.