deegantanner.jpg Digital Preservation (Digital Futures Series) (Hardcover), by Marilyn Deegan (Editor), Simon Tanner (Editor). Hardcover: 260 pages; Publisher: Facet Publishing (18 Sep 2006); ISBN-10: 1856044858. Available at Amazon.

This is the most recent book published in the UK on digital preservation, and if I can speak from a parochial viewpoint for a bit, it’s nice to have a UK slant on things, with details given about UK projects. This means that Digital Preservation contains some practical information which is not present in Borghoff et al.

In fact the two books seem to complement each other pretty well. Deegan and Tanner have nearly 30 pages on website archiving and another 30 pages on issues relating to the costs of digital preservation, two very important subjects which are hardly touched on in Borghoff’s Long Term Preservation of Digital Documents. On the other hand, Borghoff and his pals go into very great detail about XML, which only gets mentioned in passing here and there in Digital Preservation (and is not even mentioned at all in the index).

For me, the two most helpful contributions are Deegan and Tanner’s own chapter on “Key issues in digital preservation” and David Holdsworth’s chapter on “Strategies for digital preservation,” which is necessarily pretty general, but is clearly written and succeeds in conveying important ideas in accessible language. The second half of the book is a round-up of the current state of some real-world digipres projects, with web addresses.