A brief report on this appeared in ARC 205, Sept 2006.

The working party was set up following a conference in Nov 2005 and first met in April 2006. Some worrying trends and issues became apparent, including:

  • all councils represented on the WP were implementing EDRMS, or were planning to, but not all archives services were properly involved
  • no archives service had set up guidelines for managing e-accessions or for advising creators or depositors about digi pres
  • it is difficult to engage archives colleagues in discussions about e-records, which is due to a number of factors, including lack of IT knowledge and the current cultural/political focus on outreach and education
  • archives services have such limited resources that development of a selection policy is de-prioritised
  • authenticity of records (outside an EDRMS) is a challenge
  • some services even doubt their capacity to collect digital records due to patchy ICT provision, under resourcing, skill shortages.

The same would be true of other regions,  I imagine?