oais1.jpgNoted from the OAIS model.

In response to a request from a Consumer, the OAIS provides all or part of an AIP, or many AIPs, in the form of a DIP. The DIP doesn’t have to have complete PDI. DIPs are supplied by the Access entity within an OAIS, and can be supplied either on- or off-line.

“The Consumer uses an OAIS supplied Ordering Aid to develop an order request to acquire the data. The Consumer produces a logical view of the desired AIPs and associated Package Descriptions to be included in the Dissemination Information package and specifies the physical details of the Data Dissemination session such as media type and object format. This process may involve no visible interaction if adequate defaults exist. This order can also specify any transformations the Consumer wishes applied to the AIPs in creating the DIP” (4.3.4).