borghoff.jpg Long Term Preservation of Digital Documents: Principles and Practices (Hardcover), by Uwe M. Borghoff (Author), Peter Rodig (Author), Jan Scheffczyk (Author), Lothar Schmitz (Author); Publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. K (Jul 2006), ISBN-10: 3540336397. Available from Amazon.

Very interesting book which I have already read from beginning to end. The first half summarises the general principles while the second half looks at specific projects in detail. The only quibbles I have are (a) it strives to be too even-handed, giving the pros and cons of migration, emulation etc whereas I tend to prefer opinions and attitudes, (b) what the index suggested was going to be an entry on databases actually turned out to be database management of other digital documents (rather than the preservation problems of databases), and (c) there’s not enough UK-specific stuff in it. Hey ho.

Worth noting some chapters individually:

Other chapters look at XML and metadata, and some detailed analysis of specific projects. Very helpful book.