Visited December 2007. Loads of hardware but with no real captions or contextualisation yet. Tum te tum.

The biggie in the photos below is an ICL 2966 mainframe. ICL (International Computers Ltd) was a British manufacturer which brought out its 2900 range in 1974. The 2966s could run dual processors. They ran the VME (Virtual Machine Environment) operating system, which is now called OpenVME. ICL is now owned by Fujitsu, and the ICL branding has been dropped. Wikipedia says “as a creation of the mid-1970s, with no constraints to be compatible with earlier operating systems, VME is in many ways more modern in its architecture than today’s Unix derivatives (Unix was designed in the 1960s) or Windows (which started as an operating system for single-user computers, and still betrays those origins)… The most recent incarnations of VME run as a hosted subsystem, called superNova, within Microsoft Windows or Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Intel-based hardware.”

icl2966mainframe-c.jpg icl2966mainframe-d.jpg

This is cool, it shows the printed manual for the 2900 series. Unbelievably cheap looking and full of biro annotations.


Here’s the storage, a mixture of fixed and removable media.

icl2966mainframe-a.jpg icl2966mainframe-b.jpg

Here’s a printer which was nearby, together with a punch card writer and a card sorter.

printer.jpg punchcard-writer.jpg punchcard-sorter.jpg

Here’s Colossus

colossus-a.jpg colossus-b.jpg