By the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS), 2001. Reviewed by Elizabeth Yakel in JSA vol 23 no 2, 2002

IMLS is a federal US agency created in 1996 to foster leadership and innovation in US libraries and museums, and in practice funds preservation and access projects. The framework is indeed aimed at those seeking funding. IMLS defines as indicators of ‘goodness’ interoperability, reusability, persistence, verification, and documentation. The principles apply at three levels:

  • collection level – need good selection policies
  • object level – a good object can be authenticated
  • metadata level – “good metadata should be appropriate to the materials of the collection, users of the collection, and intended, current and likely use of the collection.”

Yakel includes in her review some endorsements of the framework by the Digital Library Federation (DLF), a US private sector body. Also mentions a quote that digital preservation is “an oxymoron”, a quote from Mark Ackerman and Roy Fielding in 1995.